This Early Photographic Studios website was created primarily to make my directories of Victorian and Edwardian photographers available to family historians, local historians and photographic historians. Additional information is, however, given for some of the listed photographers. There are also links to other researchers' online directories of early studios.


Please note that this site is no longer being edited. Its email facility is, however, still active, and I'll be happy to continue trying to answer questions from website users.


My thanks go to those who have offered corrections and additions in the past, and I regret that the site can no longer benefit from their researches. A full list of those who have helped can be found on the acknowledgements page, but I would like to record my particular gratitude to Paul Godfrey, David Gobbitt and Claire Dulanty, whose very substantial contributions have added greatly to the authority and interest of these directories of early studios.


For information about any future projects or online presence, go to http://subdomain.early-photographers.org.uk/?page_id=4



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Since the directories provide a level of information thatís not always found in such lists, a look at the Using the Directories page is recommended. Each directory begins with a note on Sources and Conventions, and these pages will also help users to assess the evidence they are presented with.



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