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I started writing about old photographs in the early 1990s, when I was still a lecturer in English, and I continued to write about them during my years as a freelance industrial journalist. Iím still writing about them.


My books include Family Photographs 1860-1945,Dating Nineteenth Century Photographs, Dating Twentieth Century Photographs and Dating Old Army Photographs. The most recent, My Ancestor was a Studio Photographer, is published by the Society of Genealogists.


I wrote a number of articles for the Oxford Companion to the Photograph; I contributed to Ancestors and Practical Family History; and for six years I produced a regular Photo Detective feature for Family History Monthly. Iíve also discussed the dating and interpretation of old photos on Radio 4 and regional BBC radio channels.


A new book, Victorians in Camera, is due to be published by Pen & Sword Books in the autumn of 2015 and will focus on the customer experience of nineteenth century photography.


A heavily revised and updated version of my first book, Dating Old Photographs, is in the very early stages of preparation.


Iím always interested in discussing new writing projects that relate to early photography.



Robert Pols

January 2015  





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