Directories of early photographers can never be complete, but they can be improved. I am grateful, therefore, to users of this site who have supplied corrections, additional information and links:



Stewart Addley


Mari Alderman


Hugh Baker


Lyn Boothman


Geoff Caulton


Steve Clarke


Tony Copsey


Pete Curtis


Claire Dulanty


John Frearson


David Gobbitt


Paul Godfrey 


Anne Hagberg


Bob Hakewill


Ann Green


Jayne Greenacre


Heather Holdgate


Linda King


Peter Klein


Ben McKenzie


Malcolm of Thetford


Sheila Miller


Jeff Morgan


Janice Murton


Christopher Pipe


Marcel Safier


Kelvin Searle


Sylvia Shankland


David Smith


David Spencer


Robin Stevenson


Paul Womack


Elizabeth Wright



Thank you.



Researchers may be interested in these links:

Geoff Caulton's website:

Photo Detective - Family photographs 1901-1953


David Gobbitt's study of photographers at 18 Brook Street, Ipswich:

Sawyer, Smith and White


John Frearson's website:

The Speight family of photographers


Paul Godfrey's websites:

Great Yarmouth - Seaside Photographers

Great Yarmouth - Photo-finishing


Marcel Safier's websites:

The Deazeley family of photographers

Early photographers of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia


David Spencer's website:



Elizabeth Wright's website:

History of Clarendon Park


Tony Copsey's website:

Suffolk Painters



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