INNES, Samuel Donald


            30 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester

            WRLR 1906




            17 Silver Arcade, Leicester

            KL 1904


IRELAND, Thomas & Co


            48 Church Gate, Leicester

            WRLE 1887/8




            22 Granby Street, Leicester

            BUL 1867




            29 Granby Street, Leicester

            HL 1870


JACOMB, Charles Edward


            Coventry Road, Market Harborough

            KL 1881


Aucott says he was born in Exeter c1846 and was active in Market Harborough 1879-1881. In 1879 he was jailed for three weeks for damaging a tree.




            42, Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester

KL 1895, KL 1899, WRLE 1899, WRLR 1903, KL 1904, WRLR 1906


JAMES, Henry


            32 Tudor Road, Leicester

            WRLR 1903


JAMES,William Smith


            Yard, 77 High Street, Leicester

            DL 1861


            77 High Street, Leicester

            SL 1862


JENNINGS, John Payne


            Market Harborough

            WL 1863


            High Street, Market Harborough

            KL 1864, BUL 1867


1843-1926. He was living in Little Bowden, Market Harborough and described as 'photographic artist' in the 1861 census. Aucott records that he was the son of an amateur photographer (William John Jennings) and that he was the first professional photographer known to have worked in the Market Harborough area. He bought his studio at 5 High Street in April 1861, but he may have operated there as a tenant before that date. He continued to take photographs until the late 1860s - possibly, in the later years, in partnership with Susan Jennings (below).


Additional information compiled from details provided by Pete Curtis and Bob Hakewill: Jennings was born in Gayton, a small village south of Northampton. His father, William (1819-1886), came from Devonport but later worked as a railway engineer in Ireland and Northants. before settling in Ashtead, Surrey. The railway also featured in his activity as an amateur photographer. William's connections may explain why, after working in Market Harborough, John Jennings opened studios in Dublin (c1877) and Ashtead (from about 1890). He also had studios in South-East London in the late 1870s and the early 1880s. In the 1880s a number of his images were displayed in railway carriages as part of a scheme to encourage travellers to visit new places. Collections of his photographs also formed the basis for a number of books, including 'Sun Pictures of the Norfolk Broads'. More information about Jennings and his family can be found on the Ashtead history website.




            High Street, Market Harborough

            WL 1877


Aucott notes that she was the sister-in-law of amateur photographer William Jennings and aunt of John Payne Jennings (above), with whom she may have worked in the late 1860s. In March 1870 she announced that she had 'reopened her Photographic Studio' at 5 High Street (where John Payne Jennings had operated). From 1872 she also ran a fancy goods repository at the same address. She continued in business in the town until her death in 1912, but the photographic side of the business was given up by 1880, when F W Broadhead (q.v.) rented the studio from her. 




            36 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester

KL 1864, WMD 1864, BUL 1867, HL 1870, BAL 1875, CG 1875, KL 1876, WL 1877


            166 Humberstone Road, Leicester

            LTP 1870


            36 Galltree Gate

            WRLR 1878


Originally employed by T Chapman Browne (q.v.), Johnson announced the opening of his Gallowtree Gate studio in The Leicester Chronicle of 21st March 1863.


His advertisement in BUL 1867 reads: ‘Artist Photographer, 36 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester. Carte de visite portraits: First Copy - £0.2.6; Subsequent copies - £0.1.0; 10 Copies, in 2 positions - £0.10.0; 24 Copies, in 2 positions - £1.0.0. The New Cabinet Portrait, 6 for 12 shillings. Life-Size Portraits. Diamond Cameo Portraits. Exquisitely Finished Pictures for Lockets, &c. together with every other branch of the Photographic Art.’ (See also 'Leicestershire Prices'.)  In his BAL 1875 advertisement he claims to be ‘Sole Licensee in Leicester for the Patent Ferranti Process’, and he ‘respectfully informs his distinguished Patrons and Friends that his Studio is replete with every modern appliance to assist artistic skill in the production of that high-class Photography for which he has been so long known to excel; every work being produced under his own immediate supervision, carries with it the experience of 18 years.’


His much briefer advertisement in CG 1875 gives the additional information: ‘Established 1858’. This date may refer to his initial hiring by Browne, since no evidence has yet been found of his working independently before 1863.


JUDGE, George


            41 High Street, Leicester

            SL 1862


Described as ‘photographic artist &c’, and sharing the address with Sarah Judge, milliner and dressmaker.




            10 St Mary’s Road, Market Harborough

            KL 1908


            75 St Mary’s Road, Market Harborough

            KL 1912


Bob Hakewill reports that an Ernest Kay, possibly related, appears, running a studio at 94 Northampton Road, Market Harborough, in a 1936 trade directory.


KEMP, Thomas


See entry for (1) A & G Taylor, where, according to Osman, he spent some time as manager, and (2) J H Fox, for whom he also appears to have acted as manager.


KIBBLE, William


            South Street, Ellistown, Leicester

            KL 1912


KING, Frederick


            4 Humberstone Road, Leicester

            DL 1861


‘Photographer & painter’.


KIRK, Isaac


            69 High Street, Leicester

            DL 1861


Presumed to be a mistaken entry for Isaac Fink (q.v.). ‘Kirk’ is given in the trade section of DL 1861, whereas ‘Fink’ appears in the alphabetical listing, and also appears in SL 1862.


LARRATT, Arthur, & Co


            9 Belgrave Road, Leicester

            KL 1908, WRLR 1909




            Ibstock, Leicester

KL 1899, WRLE 1899, KL 1904, KL 1908


            Melbourne Road, Ibstock, Leicester

            KL 1912, KL 1916




            104 Narborough Road, Leicester

            WRLR 1914


LEICESTER & London Photographic Company


            63 Galltree Gate, Leicester

            WRLE 1880


            63a Gallowtree Gate, Leicester

            KL 1881



            KL 1881


WRLE adds ‘W H Miller, prpr’. KL 1881 gives the company name as Leicester & London Landscape & Portrait Photographic Co.




            101 Humberstone Road, Leicester

WRLR 1906, KL 1908


            105 Humberstone Road, Leicester

WRLR 1909, WRLR 1911, KL 1912, WRLR 1914, KL 1916




            7 Horsefair Street, Leicester

WRLR 1903, KL 1904, WRLR 1906, KL 1908, WRLR 1909WRLR 1911, KL 1912,

WRLR 1914


            41 Granby Street, Leicester

            KL 1916


He is also listed separately (with the same address as for that year’s studio entry) as a dealer in photographic apparatus and materials in WRLR 1914 & KL 1916. KL 1916 adds: ‘(wholesale;

paper, plates & chemicals only)’.




            14 Church Gate, Loughborough

            KL 1899, WRLE 1899, KL 1904




            50 Baxtergate, Loughborough

WLO 1878, WLO 1880-1887


LOWE, Mrs Eliza


            Baxtergate, Loughborough

HL 1870, KL 1876, KL 1881


50 Baxtergate, Loughborough

BAL 1875, WL 1877, KL 1888




            50 Baxter Gate, Loughborough

            WRLR 1883/4, WRLE 1887/8


            58 Baxter Gate, Loughborough

            BEL 1888


LOWE, Jonathan


            Baxter Gate, Loughborough

            WMD 1864, BUL 1867


His advertisement in BUL 1867 reads: ‘Artist & photographer, Baxter Gate, Loughborough. Cartes de visite taken in the best style. Two copies for 2s 6d; six for 5s; twelve for 8s. The new cabinet portrait for 12 shillings. J. L. desires to take the present opportunity of informing the Gentry and Clergy of the Neighbourhood, and the Public generally, that he has recently taken a series of Views of the Principal Places of Interest in the Neighbourhood, among which are the following: - Beaumanor Hall, from different positions. Quorndon House. The Dispensary. The Grammar and Commercial School. All Saints’ Church, from different positions. The Cemetery, from different positions. The Churches of Woodhouse and Quorndon. Portraits from Miniature to Life Size. Old Oil Paintings or Faded

Photographs correctly copied.’ (See also 'Leicestershire Prices'.)




            50 Baxter Gate, Loughborough

WRLR 1889/90, KL 1891, WRLE 1892, WRLR 1894, KL 1895, WLO 1895-1899, KL 1899, WRLE 1899, WLO 1901-1903, KL 1904


‘Established over 30 years’, in WLO 1901, indicates a start-up date of 1870 or earlier, which might be appropriate if the business was founded by Mrs Elizabeth Lowe, above. Yet she would appear to have been the successor of Jonathan Lowe, also above, who was active by 1864 at the latest.




            50 Baxter Gate, Loughborough

            BEL 1902




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