Franklin Chambers, Granby Street, Leicester

            WRLE 1880


            Franklin Chambers, 34b Granby Street, Leicester

            KL 1881


            Franklin Chambers, 34˝ Granby Street, Leicester

            WRLR 1883/4


            4 Friar Lane, Leicester

            KL 1888


A & G Taylor was a London-based chain, which, in its heyday, stretched not only across the UK but also into France and the United States.


WRLE 1880 andWRLR 1883/4 add ‘and at Queen Victoria Street, London, &c’. Osman dates the Franklin Chambers studio (variously numbered 34b, 34 ˝ and 34) to c1880-86, identifying the manager (c1884-86) as T Kemp. (Kemp is named in WRLR 1883/4.) He dates the studio at 4 Friar Lane (‘corner

of Hotel Street’) to c1887.


TAYLOR, A H, Limited


            Welford Place Chambers, Leicester

            WRLR 1909, WRLR 1911


            11 Welford Place, Leicester

            KL 1912


WRLR 1909 names John Bickerstaff as manager. WRLR 1911 names Arthur Watson.




            92 High Cross Street, Leicester

            DL 1861




            Humberstone Gate, Leicester

            BUL 1867


THORP, George St Maur


            67 Lauren Road, Leicester

            WRLR 1906


            98 Evington Road, Leicester

KL 1908, WRLR 1909, WRLR 1911, KL 1912, WRLR 1914


TILL, William


            19 Burton Street, Melton Mowbray

WRLR 1889/90, WRLE 1892, WRLR 1894, KL 1895, KL 1899, WRLE 1899


            Burton Street, Melton Mowbray

            KL 1891, BEL 1902


            5 Burton Street, Melton Mowbray

            KL 1914, KL 1908, KL 1912


WRLE 1892 describes him as ‘photographer & picture framer’ and shows him sharing the premises with Mrs Hannah Till, haberdasher and toy dealer. WRLR 1894 & WRLE 1899 also note that he is a picture framer.




            26 Sanvey Gate, Leicester

            WMD 1864


TRENGROVE, John Dillon


            Northampton Road, Market Harborough

            KL 1888, KL 1891


Aucott places him at the Bridge House studio, Northampton Road, from December 1886 until March 1891. He acquired the business from G A Nichols (q.v.) and sold it to Alexander Smith (q.v.). Bob Hakewill  draws attention to his advertisement in 'The Market Harborough Advertiser' of 4 Jan 1887, which gives his home address as Highfield Street and quotes prices of 6/- a dozen for cartes de visite and 12/6 a dozen for cabinet prints.  




            Brook Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouche

KL 1876, KL 1881, KL 1888, KL 1891   


1-2 Brook Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouche

            WL 1877


            5 Brook Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouche

WRLE 1887/8, WRLE 1892, WRLR 1894, WRLE 1899


            19 Market Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouche

KL 1895, KL 1899, WRLE 1899, KL 1904


‘Photographer & picture framer’ in WRLE 1887/8 & WRLE 1892. The Ashby-de-la-Zouche section of WRLE 1899 offers: ‘picture framer, conjurer and ventriloquist, photographic depot’.


TREVOR, Henry/Harry


            22a South Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouche

            KL 1899


            58˝ Market Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouche

            WRLE 1899


            South Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouche

            BEL 1902


            20 South Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouche

KL 1904, KL 1908, KL 1912, KL 1916


WRLE 1899 adds ‘(home: South Street)’.




            27 Station Road, Earl Shilton, Hinckley

            KL 1899


TRULL, Frederick


Aucott records that Trull was employed by G A Nichols (q.v.) to run his studio in Northampton Road, Market Harborough, for at least some of the period 1883-1886.


VANN & Green


            1 Argyle Street, Leicester

            WRLE 1887/8


            23 Argyle Street, Leicester

            KL 1888


            85 St Saviour’s Road, Leicester

            WRLR 1889/90, WRLE 1892


VICE, James


            36 Market Place, Leicester

LTP 1870, CG 1875, KL 1876, WRLR 1878, WRLE 1880


            Old Bible & Crown, 36 Market Place, Leicester

            WL 1877


‘Bookseller, printer, photographer &c’ in LTP 1870.


VICE & Moon


36 Market Place, Leicester

            BUL 1867


            Market Place, Leicester

            HL 1870


‘Booksellers, stationers, printers & photographers’ in BUL 1867.



Noted by Heathcote as an itinerant photographer, whose career lasted until at least 1880. His many studios included two in Leicestershire: an unidentified address in Melton Mowbray in 1854; and 3 Step House, London Road, Leicester in January 1855




Noted by Aucott at the Rembrandt Studio, St Mary's Road, Market Harborough, in November 1887 (when he advertised for an apprentice).


VORLEY, Wilfred L


            10 Welford Place, Leicester

            KL 1904




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