26 Sheep Street, Northampton

            KN 1910




            7 Towler Street, Peterborough

            KN 1906


DAVIS, John Frederick


            Priestgate, Peterborough

            SP 1862


Listed as ‘artist, photographic and miniature’.




            3 Derby Road, Northampton

            KN 1898


DENNY, John Love


            56 High Street, Daventry

            WRN 1884, KN 1885


DEXTER, Walter S


            Midland Road, Wellingborough

            HN 1876


Walter Sothern Dexter, a member of the Dexter family of photographers of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, was working in his parents' Lynn studio by 1871. He set up his own studio in Wellingborough some time in the first half of the 1870s and was still there at the time of the 1881 census. But he returned to Lynn in May 1881 to take over the family business. Further information about the Dexter operations can be found in the Norfolk and Suffolk studio directories.




            Midland Road, Wellingborough

            WN 1874


DORAN, William


            19 Percival Street, Peterborough

            CAP 1896, COP 1898


A member of a Woolwich family of photographers, Doran subsequently set up business in Whitby, Yorkshire. Further information can be found in ‘Whitby Photographers – Their lives and their photographs from the 1840s’ by Ruth Wilcock (Towlard Publications, 2011).




            27 The Drapery, Northampton

            KN 1869, WN 1874, KN 1877




            107 Midland Road, Wellingborough

            KN 1903


DOWNES, Taylor &


Active in Peterborough as postcard publishers (but not necessarily photographers) in the early years of the 20th century.


DRAYCOTT, John Arthur


11 Gold Street, Northampton

SN 1889, KN 1890, SN 1893, LN 1893/4, KN 1894, WNN 1896, KN 1898, KN 1903, TC 1905/6


            Kingswell Street, Northampton

            KN 1890


KN 1903 and TC 1905/6 add ‘Ltd’. In LN 1906 and LN 1907, J Mills (q.v.), operating at 11 Gold Street, is referred to as ‘late Draycott Ltd’.




            11 Gold Street, Northampton

            KN 1885





            KN 1854


‘Photographic portrait taker, draper’. Heathcote records that he was originally a miniature painter with a practice in London’s Regent Street. His first photographic venture seems to have been in Taunton, Devon,  in 1852. His first visit to Northampton was in 1853 and he returned for a further season in October 1854, staying until some time in 1855. His studio (on the second occasion, and possibly on the first) was at Mrs Cooley’s in Mercers’ Row, opposite the Post Office. There appears to have been a third visit to the town a year later, for an advertisement in the 'Northampton Mercury' of July 5th 1856 - giving his address as 'Drapery' - offers 'Collodian (sic), Talbotype and Oil Photographs taken in a style unexcelled by any Artist in England'. In later years he exhibited paintings at the Royal Academy and opened a photographic gallery in Oxford Street, London.


DUDLEY, Horace H


            5 Horse Market, Northampton

KN 1906, LN 1906, LN 1907, TC 1911/12


            Jenkinson’s Block, Kettering

            KN 1906


The KN 1906 entries are on separate lines, and so could conceivably refer to two different photographers.


EAST, Warren


            11 Newland Street, Kettering

KN 1894, KN 1898, KN 1903, TC 1905/6, KN 1906, KN 1910, TC 1911/12, KN 1914, TC 1918, KN 1920


TC 1918 adds: ‘also lanternist & cinematographist’.


EASTMID Photography Studio


            Market Place, Peterborough

COP 1898, KN 1903, TC 1905/6


            5a Market Place, Peterborough

TC 1911/12, TC 1918


Listed as ‘Eastmid & Co Ltd’ in KN 1903. See also the entries for A Macworth and H Marriott.




            74 & 76 Abington Street, Northampton

            LN 1906


ELDING, Joseph


            Newark, Peterborough

            KN 1910


ELITE Photographic Co


            50 Horse Market, Northampton

            TC 1911/12


5 Horse Market, Northampton

            KN 1914


KN 1914 adds ‘George Evans proprietor’.


ELKINGTON, Amos Charles


            18 Rockingham Road, Kettering

KN 1910


See also F Elkinston, below, with whom a family link is suspected.




            18 Rockingham Road, Kettering

            TC 1911/12, TC 1918


‘Elkinston’ looks as if it could be a misspelling of ‘Elkington – or vice versa.


EVANS, George


See Elite Photographic Co.


EVANS, Herbert


            Market Place,Kettering

TC 1905/6, TC 1911/12


            Silver Street, Kettering

            TC 1918




            Raunds, Thrapston

            WN 1874, KN 1877




            Bath Road Studio, 47 (back of) Bath Road, Kettering

            KN 1920




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