ACOCK, Charles F


Burnham Market



ACOCK, Thomas W


Burnham Market

KN1912, KN1916


ADCOCK, Ernest D


Upper St Giles Street,



ADCOCK & Howie


85 Upper St Giles Street, Norwich



Cory shows Adcock alone at 85 St Giles Street, c1887/8.


ADCOCK, Mann &


6 Upper St Giles Street, Norwich



James Mann ran a studio alone at this address up to and including KN1879.




1 White Hart Street, Thetford

WS1874, KN1875, HN1877, WN1879, KN1883, WN1883, WS1885


His name is mis-spelt as ‘Aegina’ in WS1875, WS1885, HN1877, and as ‘Agena’ in WN1883.  A carte with ‘1869’ pencilled on it bears a stuck-on label which reads, ‘Sig. Aegena’s Sixpenny Carte de Visite, Magdalen Gates, Norwich’.


Hepworth has a photo of Aegina’s two-storey Thetford premises. A door and a bay window take up most of the room at street level, but Aegena makes the most of the opportunities available. The windows are entirely given over to examples of his work, with portraits of assorted sizes displayed alongside a selection of topographical subjects. A large framed board, filled with further pictures, hangs in the narrow wall space beside the door. Painted boards around the top of the bay announce: ‘H Aegena’, ‘Thetford Institute of Photography’, and ‘Sig. Aegena Artist’. Above the central board is mounted a coat of arms which features a lion and unicorn as supporters and which looks more royal than it really is. Above the door a further sign offers the additional services of picture frame making and advertising office. More signs and notices are stuck above the door at first floor level; while on the other side of the upper window is mounted, as a trade sign, a large model camera.


It appears from Austin that Signor Aegena was really William Henry Finch, junior (q.v.), who adopted his own variation of a family nom de plume.


ALDOUS, Charles


White Lion Street, Norwich   

KN1896, KN1900, KN1904, KN1908, JN1911, JN1914


18 White Lion Street, Norwich

TC1901, KN1912, KN1916


Misspelt as 'Aldons' in TC1901.




Neptune Terrace, Yarmouth       

CY1863, WN1864


ALGER, Cleer Sewell


Mere Street, Diss

HN1877, KN1879, WN1883, KN1883, KN1888, WN1890, KN1892, KN1896, KN1900, TC1901


HN1877 also shows Alger as a land agent, surveyor, lithographer and insurance agent. All directories except HN1877 and KN1900 refer to him as Cleer Sewell Alger junior.


ALGER, Frederick Sewell


Mere Street, Diss     

WN1883, KN1904


ALLEN, Godfrey

Rampant Horse Street, Norwich



ALLEN, William


Cowgate Street, Norwich



AMES, Edward Cooper


Listed by Cory at Distillery Street, Norwich, 1859.


AMES, Frederick James


Gordon Terrace, Heacham



Station Road, Heacham

KN1908, KN1912, KN1916


Entered as F Ames & Co, 1904-12.


AMES, William


Rosebery Road, Norwich





St Benedict's Road, Norwich

HN1863, HN1868




Norwich Road, Fakenham       

KN1896, KN1900, KN1904, KN1908, KN1912, KN1916, AN1916


Station Road, Fakenham





An itinerant whose advertisement  in 'The Norwich Mercury' of 16th August 1856 refers to him as continuing to operate in Fakenham. Heathcote locates him in Swindon in 1854 and believes him to have been previously employed in London.




5 St Peter's Road, Yarmouth       

KN1904, KN1908


AYERS, Ellen Martha


Daughter of Thomas (below). She was recorded as 'photographic artist' in the 1901 census and as 'artist, in 1891 and 1911. She is referred to in the Thomas Ayers studio note.


AYERS, Harry William


Son of Thomas (below). He appears to have worked in his father's studio and then taken it over after his death. Recorded as a photographer in the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses and in the 1901 processing of his father's will. He is referred to in the Thomas Ayers studio note.


AYERS, Thomas S


3 Regent Road, Yarmouth       



3 Clarence Place, Regent Road, Yarmouth

FP1859, HN1863


4 Clarence Place, Yarmouth       



Clarence Place, Yarmouth       



3 & 4 Regent Road, Yarmouth

KN1865, KN1869


Regent Road, Yarmouth

HN1868, MS1868, HN1872, HN1877


8 & 9 Regent Road, Yarmouth

GY1874, SYcirca1878, KN1883, KN1888, KN1892, KN1896, KN1900, KN1904, KN1908, KN1912


8 Regent Road, Yarmouth

KN1875, KN1879, WN1883, WN1890, TC1901, KN1916


He is misspelt as ‘Ayer’ in MS1868, and ‘Ayres’ in HN1872 and TC1901. Thomas ‘Dyers’ of Regent Road Yarmouth, who is listed in WN1854, seems likely to be Ayers as well. KN1858 refers to T Ayers junior. KN1853 shows a Thomas Ayers of Regent Road, Yarmouth, as a watch & clock maker. Heathcote refers to Thomas Ayers practising at 2 Clarence Place, Regent Road, from November 1853 onwards, and Paul Godfrey has found a cabinet print with 'Since 1852' printed on the mount. It seems possible that the Clarence Place addresses and the 3 & 4 Regent Road addresses all refer to the same studio.  


Thomas Ayers died in 1901, but the business continued under his name when his son, Harry (above) took it over. (See also separate studio notes on Thomas Ayers and Regent Road studios) 




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