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Though appearing in some Suffolk trade directories, Great Yarmouth and Thetford were and are in Norfolk, so they are included in this listing. Lowestoft is in Suffolk (in spite of the fact that some trade directories added it to Norfolk), so it is not covered by this listing. Gorleston and Southtown Yarmouth were part of Suffolk and appeared in Suffolk directories. But some photographers worked both in Great Yarmouth and in its southern extensions, so their full careers appear both here and in the Suffolk list.


The following abbreviations are used for Norfolk sources:

AN         Aubrey's Norfolk

CLN       Colman’s Norwich

CN         Craven's Norfolk

CY         Cobb's Great Yarmouth

EN          Eyre’s Norwich

FP           Finger Post (Great Yarmouth)

GY          Godfrey's Great Yarmouth

HAM      Hamilton’s Norwich

HN         Harrod's Norfolk & Norwich

IDT         Ipswich & District Trades Directory

JN           Jarrold’s Norwich

KN         Kelly's Norfolk

KY         Kelly's Great Yarmouth

LNA       Lynn News Almanack & Diary

LR          King's Lynn Red Book

MN        Mathieson’s Norwich

MS         Morris' Suffolk

NH         Norfolk Handbook

NTC       National Telephone Company Directory

SL          Sconce's Illustrated Almanack, King's Lynn

SY          Steer's Great Yarmouth

TAL       Thew & Sons' Almanac Companion, King's Lynn

TC         Town & County's Eastern Counties of England

TL          Turner's King's Lynn

WN        White's Norfolk

WS         White's Suffolk


Evidence has been drawn from:

AN       1916

CLN    1877

CN       1856

CY       1863

EN       1883

FP        1859

GY       1874

HAM   1879

HN       1863, 1868, 1872, 1877

IDT      1906/7

JN        1911, 1914

KN      1858, 1865, 1869, 1875, 1879, 1883, 1888, 1892, 1896, 1900, 1904, 1908, 1912, 1916

KY       1911/12, 1913/14, 1915/16

LNA    1885-1889, 1891, 1892

LR        1894-1901

MN      1867

MS       1868

NH       1866

NTC     1909

SL        1904-1910, 1912-1915

SY        circa 1878

TAL     1895, 1908

TC       1901

TL        1901

WN      1854, 1864, 1883, 1890

WS      1874, 1885, 1892


Abbreviations, as indicated, are also used for the following additional sources of information:



More Early Studios (2), K P Adamson, The Photographic Journal (Royal Photographic Society), July 1988


Adamson 2:     

Professional Photographers in Lincolnshire, K P Adamson, Royal Photographic Society, 1993



The Magic Boxes: Professional Photographers and their Studios in North Essex, 1845-1937,

David & John Appleby, Essex Record Office, 1992.



The Search for Eugenia Fynch. The Story of Norfolk's Unknown Victorian Photographers

Janis Austin, Jayne Greenacre & Brtian Grint, Acle Community Archive group, 2011



Norwich Carte-De-Visite Photographers, David Cory, in Bygones 5, edited by Dick Joice, Boydell Press, 1980



Developing the Picture: Queen Alexandra and the Art of Photography, Frances Dimond, Royal

Collection Publications, 2004



Norfolk Through a Lens, Clare Everitt, Norfolk Library and Information Service, 2012


Fairground Ancestors:

UK Fairground Ancestors website at http://members.shaw.ca/pauline777/Visual.html



Professional Photographers in Cheltenham, 1841-1914, Michael Hallett, Royal Photographic Society, 1986



A Faithful Likeness, The First Photographic Portrait Studios in the British Isles, 1841-1855,

Bernard & Pauline Heathcote, Heathcote, 2000



Victorian & Edwardian Norfolk from Old Photographs, Philip Hepworth, Batsford, 1972



The Victorians – Photographic Portraits, Audrey Linkman, Tauris Parke, 1993



A Directory of London Photographers 1841-1908, Michael Pritchard, PhotoResearch, 1994


Savin & Holden:

The Streets of Cromer, notes by A S Savin and C C Holden in the Cromer Museum


Certain Norfolk town names are commonly abbreviated, and the shorter form is customarily used in the record of entries. It should therefore be noted that:

Dereham is the same as East Dereham.

Downham is the same as Downham Market.

Hunstanton is the same as Hunstanton St Edmunds & New Hunstanton. (‘Hunstanton St Edmunds’ tends to appear up to the mid-1890s and ‘New Hunstanton’ thereafter, but ‘Hunstanton' may be found at any time.)

Lynn is the same as King's Lynn.

Wells is the same as Wells-next-the-Sea (or Wells-on-Sea, as it was sometimes called in the 19th century).

Yarmouth is the same as Great Yarmouth.


In 1994 a disastrous fire at the Library and Norfolk Record Office in Norwich destroyed almost the entire range of trade directories held in the Norfolk Studies collection. Other libraries in the county fortunately had good holdings of Norfolk directories, but some information covering the city of Norwich was lost. Some years before the fire, however, David Cory made the study of Norwich photographers listed above, and his work includes details not found in the sources used for this listing.  So it is with relief and a strong sense of indebtedness that a number of references

to his findings have been added to this Norfolk directory.


The following conventions have been adopted for the ordering and presentation of entries:

Individuals are listed before any partnerships that include them.

Partnerships appear under the names of both (or all) partners.

Where a photographer embarked on more than one partnership, those partnerships are listed in alphabetical order of the partner who is not the focus of the entry.

Addresses are listed in order of their earliest appearance.

Imprecise addresses (those which name only the town/village, or those which give a street but no number) are recorded separately. They may, of course, refer to a studio listed more precisely elsewhere in that  photographer’s entry.

Additional notes are set in italics.


Two famous professionals with Norfolk connections (Emerson and Martin) have been included in the listing, despite their lack of a commercial base in the county. A work covering Norfolk photographers would have seemed incomplete without them.




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