Shown as photographic artist, aged 29, in the 1861 census returns for Oakham.


ASHWELL, William


            Whissendine, Oakham

KR 1904, KR 1908, KR 1912


BILLOW, Albert E


            Market Place, Oakham

            WRR 1899


Presumably the same as A E Billows jun, below.




            Kings Road, Oakham

            MO 1909


            Melton Road, Oakham

MO 1909. MO 1912


The advertisement in MO 1909 lists: ‘Specialities: Miniatures on ivory – perfect colouring and likeness guaranteed. Enlargements finished in the latest styles and processes, Pictures artistically framed.’ Additional information in MO 1912 includes: ‘Photographs taken day or night. Dealer in photographic instruments. Films developed and printed. Artists’ materials, oils, water colours, brushes, etc. Scenes painted any design for theatricals and back-grounds of every description.’ 


See also the various Billow/Billows entries above and below.




            Market Place, Oakham

            KR 1899


See Albert E Billows, below.




            Melton Road, Oakham

KR 1908, TC 1911/12, KR 1912, KR 1916


            36 Moulton Road, Oakham

            TC 1918


            Melton Road, Oakham

KR 1922


Born, according to the 1911 census, in 1874/5. The Billows entries above and below seem likely to refer to the same photographer.


According to The London Gazette, an Albert E Billows of High Street, Oakham, filed a petition for bankruptcy in 1900, and, the following March, his creditors received 3s 9d in the pound. This could explain the gap between 1899 and 1908 that becomes apparent in trade directory entries when the series of Billows records is put together.

(Studio note)


BILLOWS, Albert Edward Js.


            Market Place, Oakham

            WHR 1899


See A E Billows jun, above.


BURTON, John & Sons


            3 Haymarket, Leicester

            KR 1876, WHR 1877


            Ashwell Road, Oakham

KR 1876, WRR 1880, KR 1881, KR 1888



            WHR 1877


            Burton on Trent

            WHR 1877


            Melton Mowbray

            WHR 1877, KR 1881


            Haymarket, Leicester

            WRR 1880



            KR 1881


            3 Haymarket, Leicester

            KR 1888


            14 Market Place, Melton Mowbray

            KR 1888


‘Artists & photographers’ in WRR 1880, which also indicates that the attendance day at the Oakham studio was Wednesday. For more detailed coverage of Burton studios in other counties, see the Leicestershire studio directory.




Shown as photographer, aged 21, in the 1911 census returns for Uppingham.


COOKE, Charles G & S



            MO 1904


His advertisement adds: ‘Artists’ materials supplied to order. Lantern slides for sale or hire. Crystoleums &c.’




            Ashwell Road, Oakham

            HR 1870


He is shown as a photographer, aged 27, in the 1861 census returns for Oakham.




Itinerant photographer from Leicester, who appeared in court in Oakham in 1899, charged with taking money for photographs that he failed to supply. (Source: The Grantham Journal, 25th February, 1899)




            Orange Lane, Uppingham

            WRR 1899


            Ayston Toad, Uppingham

            TC 1905/6


Presumably this is Mrs Charles Drake & Son (see below).


DRAKE, C & Son


            High Street, Uppingham

            TC 1918


DRAKE, Charles


            High Street, Uppingham

            KR 1864, HR 1870, BAR 1875, KR 1876, WHR 1877, KR 1881


Also, according to HR 1870, ‘publisher & editor of the Uppingham Gazette (published every Wednesday morning; politics neutral)’. The Stamford Mercury of 23rd November 1866 reported his bankruptcy, but the business appears to have continued nevertheless.


The Drake household of High Street Uppingham, as shown in the 1881 census, includes all three of the family photographers who appear in this list. Charles, head of household and born in Stowmarket, Suffolk, is recorded as aged 43, and his occupation is given as photography. No occupation is given for his wife, Martha, aged 53 and born in Lawshall, Suffolk. Harry, their oldest son, is 26. Born in Stowmarket, he is entered as a photographer. There are four younger children, all born in Uppingham; all are recorded as ‘scholar’ except Frank, the second son, who is an auctioneer’s clerk. Charles died in 1882. See also Drake's obituary.


DRAKE, Mrs Charles


            1 Orange Lane, Uppingham

            KR 1891


DRAKE, Mrs Charles & Son


            Orange Lane, Uppingham

            KR 1888, KR 1895, KR 1899


            High Street, Uppingham

            KR 1904, KR 1908, KR 1912


DRAKE, Harry


            High Street, Uppingham

            TC 1911/12, KR 1916, KR 1922


DRAKE, M & Son


            Orange Lane, Uppingham

            WRL 1894


‘Also picture framers’. This is presumably the same as  ‘Drake, Mrs Martha,  & Son (Harry)’, below.


DRAKE, Mrs Martha, & Son (Harry)


            Orange Lane, Uppingham

            WHR 1893/4, WHR 1899


Both directories add: ‘& picture framers’.




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