Studio at 96 Lynn Road, Wisbech




[Lilian Ream: a life in photography (Violet Fosbrook-Ream, Cambridgeshire County Council Libraries & Information Service, 1992) has been used, in conjunction with directory entries, in the compilation of these notes.]



The first studio at 96 Lynn Road, Wisbech seems to have been established by the younger Valentine Blanchard in the early 1880s. Trade directory evidence puts him there around 1883.


He was followed by a series of photographers. (The dates in brackets refer to trade directory entries, so they don’t necessarily cover a photographer’s full or exact period of tenure.)


            John Hinley (c1888)

            Alfred Drysdale (c1892-3)

[Balding’s Wisbech, 1893, lists ‘Arthur’ Drysdale, but this appears to be a misprint for ‘Alfred’.]

            Hardingham Mehew (c1896-1904)

Leonard Smith (c1907-1916)

Lilian Ream


It appears that Lilian Ream bought the business from Smith fairly soon after the end of the First World War, though she kept him on as an assistant until the late 1920s, when she transferred her activities to the Borough Studio.



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