Obituary of Charles Drake of Uppingham


(Oakham and Uppingham Journal, Saturday 18th November 1882)





We record the death at the comparatively early age of forty-four, of Mr. Charles Drake, formerly, for several years, the representative of the Journal in this locality. Mr. Drake was a native of Stowmarket, and over twenty years ago took up his residence at Uppingham, where he attained a considerable reputation by his abilities as a photographic artist, his forte being landscapes and architectural photography. Mr. Drake was an ardent supporter of everything promoted by the School authorities in connection with the town; and took a prominent and very active part in the management of the Uppingham and District Cricket Club (of which he was secretary) from its commencement, the Horticultural Society, and the affairs of the Mutual Improvement Society. For the last twelve months he suffered from a complication of diseases, from which there were no hopes of recovery; but up to the last he retained an interest in the cricket club he loved so well, and expressed a wish that he might be carried to the grave by members of that club.




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