The work rate of J R M Sawyer



Heathcote relates that John Robert Sawyer of Norwich was producing 6,000 negatives a year by 1868. By that date (Linkman tells us) he had accumulated 25,000 carte negatives, each with two different images of the same sitter. In fact, his productivity seems to have been greater than either of these figures suggests, if a series of his advertisements from the first half of the 1860s is to be believed.



The Norfolk Chronicle, 13th April 1861:

Claims an output of 200-300 cartes de visite per week.


The Norfolk Chronicle, 26th October 1861:

‘500 per week sent out’.


The Norfolk News, 26th July 1862:

‘2000 portraits sent out every month.’


The Norfolk Chronicle, 3rd October 1863:

‘Sixty thousand of his Cartes de Visite in the last two years.’


Norfolk Chronicle, 18th June 1864:

‘J R Sawyer has to acknowledge a much larger and increasing amount of commissions and orders.’




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