Studios in King Street, Great Yarmouth



King Street developed as a studio location from the mid-1870s, combining with already-popular Regent Road to provide the town’s main concentration of photographers. 

Dates of studio occupation are approximate. More precise details appear under directory entries.


King Street studios:


number 14:

Sawyer & Bird


Elizabeth Miller



number 14a:

Elizabeth Miller


Alfred Yallop

1904-1916 and later


number 26:

Alfred Price


Frank Sayers

1900-1901 (The studio had probably changed

hands by 1897.)


number 28:

Frank Sayers

1904-1916 or later


number 134a:

Dinsdale & Laxon

1911-1912 or later

H H Laxon

1913-1916 or later


number 157:

Oriental Photo Co

1908-1916 or later

Albert Dinsdale

1913-1916 or later

Mirror Studio

1916, possibly later


number 182:

Sawyer & Bird


Frederick Treble


Wallace Miller


London Photographic Co



(Paul Godfrey reports that, in later years, 26 King Street became for a time a branch of the Sarony chain of studios.)


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