TAYLOR, Arthur Thomas


77 Fore Street, Ipswich

JI1890, WS1892, KS1892, SI1894, KS1896, KS1900, TC1901


79 Fore Street, Ipswich

JI1890, KS1892, SI1894, KS1896, KS1900


Recorded as 'Taylor & Sons' in TC1901.


TAYLOR, George


Bridge Street, Ipswich



TEAR, Adolphus


5 Westgate Street, Ipswich

KS1900, TC1901, KS1904, KI1906, IDT1906/7, KS1908, KI1909, KI1910, KI1912, KS1912, KI1913, KI1914, KI1915, KS1916, AS1916, KI1918


David Gobbitt reports that Edward Adolphus Tear was born in India in 1862, moved to London in the mid-70s, and was recorded by the 1881 census as a photographer, aged 18, in Wimbledon. By 1901 Tear's main home seems to have been in West London, where he had a studio at 42 High Street, Notting Hill Gate. He died in 1925.


The Ipswich studio - formerly occupied by George Beales (q.v.) - appears, in later years, to have been run by managers. The business bearing Tear's name continued for some years after his death; during the Second World War it was located at 2 The Walk and was run by Arthur Leslie White (q.v.).




Victoria Terrace, Kirkley, Lowestoft

KS1875, HN1877, KS1879


KS1879 omits ‘Kirkley’.




32 Carr Street, Ipswich

SI1894, KS1896


41 Carr Street, Ipswich



43 Carr Street, Ipswich

TC1901, KS1904, KI1906, IDT1906/7, KS1908, KI1909, KI1910, KI1912, KS1912, KI1913, KI1914, AS1916


TRUEMAN, Clement R


High Street, Southwold

KS1883, WS1885, KS1888




Thoroughfare, Wodbridge





46 Bramford Road, Ipswich



UNITED Services Studios Limited


Hale Cottage, Undercliff Road West, Felixstowe; 21 Tavern Street, Ipswich; & 36 Church Street, Woodbridge



USA Studios


An early 20th century chain of studios. Though no Suffolk branch has been found in trade directories, a photographic mount of c1908 refers to a studio at 22a Westgate Street, Ipswich.


VICK, William


London Road, Ipswich

HS1873, KS1875, KS1879, SI1881, KS1883, WS1885, SI1885, KS1888, JI1890, WS1892, KS1892, SI1894, KS1896


Clarkson Street, Ipswich

WS1874, SI1881, SI1885, JI1890, SI1894


Vick went into business at the end of 1868, when he bought out William Cobb (q.v.). The two addresses appear to refer to the same studio, which, according to Malster, was on Barrack Corner, at the junction of London Road and Clarkson Street. SI1881 specifies ‘corner of Clarkson Street’.


The Suffolk Record Office at Ipswich holds a collection of Vick’s glass plate negatives and documents relating to his studio, but these are unfortunately not available for inspection. Other photographic holdings at the record office do, however, include some photographs by Vick, and details of these can be found on The National Archives' 'Access to Archives' website. (See also separate studio note.) 




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